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Help with Maps - Ajuda com Mapas


How to install new maps?

It is very easy downloading more maps! Just find them on some fans websites and download the mod as a zip file, click on the "+" button at the map selection screen and locate the downloaded file on the screen that will appear.

On Android 11+ you must create a folder inside the downloads folder and move the file inside it first. Due to system restrictions it may not let you access files on that downloads directory directly. If you have older Android versions it is still possible installing mods in the old way by extracting them to the game's data folder. If you use the new mod installer, please do not extract it before: that selection screen looks for a zip file. The game itself will extract it to the correct place. If the file has a password or use the rar format the game may not detect it. On those cases you may extract it to a temporary folder and then make a new zip with its contents.

After selecting the mod on that screen the game will extract and install it, making it available to play in a few seconds. To remove the selected map  a "-" button will appear. Please note that this will delete the mod on the game's folder, not the downloaded file. You may keep the downloaded file to make a backup, or delete it to save space. If you uninstall the game for any reasom Android will delete everything inside the game data's folder. So be careful to make a backup of your favorite mods before deleting them.

Please note that some mods are heavier than others and they may not run on all devices. There is no warranty about community mods. We try to optimize our content for the most devices that we can, but sometimes due to the amount and size of textures, sounds or polygons, some mods may not run well. Try to find lite versions of the mod, if available.

On Android the mods folder is managed inside internal storage - Android - data - com.viamep...[game id] - files. On PC (Windows) they stay at Documents - Proton Bus Mods.

Where to download more maps for free?

Mods can be created by the game team and also by the community! Most mods are completely free!

You can download some of the team mods at the home page of https://www.busmods.com/ and also on some fans websites, or at Facebook groups or YouTube channels. Join the groups to check it out: